Discover the Finest Fireplace Contractors in Philadelphia, PA

Napoleon Element X

Discover the Finest Fireplace Contractors in Philadelphia, PA – Welcome to Chimney Cricket and Hometown Hearth in Media PA! Are you looking for professional fireplace contractors in the Philadelphia area? Look no further! Introducing Chimney Cricket and Hometown Hearth, your go-to source for top-quality fireplaces, exceptional service, and savings. Whether you’re a homeowner, builder, remodeler, […]

How a Fireplace Can Transform a Small Space

fireplace transformation

When space is limited, and you’re trying to transform a room’s ambiance and aesthetic, a fireplace can be a fantastic investment. Fireplaces instantly make any room cozier and are often the focal point within a home. If you’re looking to update your space without spending a fortune, adding a fireplace or updating an existing one […]

The Tax Benefits of an Efficient Wood Stove/Insert

tax benefits of wood stove

Many homeowners supplement their primary home heat source with a wood stove. Besides adding an instant, cozy atmosphere, a modern wood stove costs less to operate than a gas fireplace, and it’s extremely energy efficient. Wood stoves operate by burning compressed wood or biomass pellets to create heat. Biomass is an energy source derived from […]

5 Benefits of an Electric Fireplace

electric fireplace

Unfortunately, many homeowners turn away from electric fireplaces because they believe they aren’t the “real deal.” However, there are so many benefits of an electric fireplace that many prefer them over gas or wood fireplaces! If you’re skeptical about electric fireplaces, allow our experts to tell you about their many advantages!  Electric fireplaces are safer […]

How to Pick a Fireplace That’s Right for Your Home

how to pick a fireplace

From cool autumn days to chilly winter evenings, enjoying the warmth that a fireplace has to offer makes these times of the year more comfortable. Whether you are contemplating upgrading your home with a fireplace or are thinking about making a switch to a different type of fireplace it’s important to be familiar with the […]