How a Fireplace Can Transform a Small Space

fireplace transformationWhen space is limited, and you’re trying to transform a room’s ambiance and aesthetic, a fireplace can be a fantastic investment. Fireplaces instantly make any room cozier and are often the focal point within a home. If you’re looking to update your space without spending a fortune, adding a fireplace or updating an existing one can help freshen up your home’s decor and overall style. Below the experts of Hometown Hearth share how you can transform a small living room with a fireplace.  

Transforming a Small Room with a Fireplace

Homeowners with small living areas can run into several design challenges, but with the addition of a fireplace, you can set the atmosphere and open up a room. A fireplace can bring the whole space together, combining the warmth of the flames with innovative designs that can seamlessly mesh with any home style. If you’re wondering how a fireplace for your small room can benefit your home, keep reading as the fireplace professionals of Hometown Hearth share the advantages. 

Change the Aesthetic 

Whether you’re remodeling your home or redecorating your space, now is the perfect time to add a fireplace or update an existing one to match your new decor and change the overall aesthetic of your room. Minor changes include updating the existing mantel and leaving the rest of the fireplace intact. This can completely change the focal point within the room and really pull your space together. Your mantel is also the perfect spot to house many different decorations, or you can hang a large piece of artwork above it. You can also replace your entire fireplace and opt for something more modern and energy-efficient.

Create Ambiance 

What is more magical than a crackling fireplace? Nothing! Not only is a fireplace the focal point of a room, but it also creates a cozy, inviting, and relaxing atmosphere. Cold winter days can be spent relaxing by the flames, providing an ambient environment that everyone in the family can enjoy. A small living room with a fireplace now becomes a welcoming and cozy retreat. 

Space Saving

If you choose to update your small room with an electric fireplace, it will look great and save you space! Electric fireplaces don’t require a vent, chimney, or flue, so you can place them virtually anywhere in a room. 

Easy Accessorization 

Many fireplaces can be tailored to your unique requirements, so your decor and color scheme will always be taken into consideration. Transforming a room with a fireplace has never been easier with the modern design options and endless color choices available. 

Ready to Install a Fireplace for Your Small Room?

Incorporating a fireplace into your home can instantly create a cozy, warming atmosphere to be shared by you and your family. Just because square footage might be limited, you shouldn’t miss out on this gorgeous home addition. If you’re searching for a local fireplace installer, look no further than the professionals at Hometown Hearth! Our team has created beautiful home settings for our customers since 1991. Contact us today at 610-833-1034 to receive your free estimate.