5 Benefits of an Electric Fireplace

electric fireplaceUnfortunately, many homeowners turn away from electric fireplaces because they believe they aren’t the “real deal.” However, there are so many benefits of an electric fireplace that many prefer them over gas or wood fireplaces! If you’re skeptical about electric fireplaces, allow our experts to tell you about their many advantages! 

  1. Electric fireplaces are safer

No chimney? No problem. Since electric fireplaces don’t produce real flames, they don’t require you to have a chimney, flue, or vent. You can also enjoy the safety aspect of electric fireplaces, as they don’t produce gas, smoke, or fumes. While an indoor electric fireplace might not produce real flames, many people are easily convinced that they’re real!

  1. Electric fireplaces are affordable

If you love the look of fireplaces but can’t get past the price tag, electric fireplaces are the solution for you. With gas and wood-burning fireplaces, the costs can quickly add up. You have the responsibility of paying for chimney construction, masonry work, and more. When you choose an indoor electric fireplace, you can enjoy a low installation cost.

  1. Electric fireplaces are convenient

Of the many things that electric fireplaces have going for them, convenience is at the top of the list. Electric fireplaces are convenient in so many ways. To begin, the installation process is quite easy. All you have to do is find an outlet and plug it in! Electric fireplaces are also small, which allows you to move them around and they can fit into smaller spaces. Lastly, you are able to use your electric fireplace year-round since you have the option to use the flames without any heat being produced!

  1. Electric fireplaces require little maintenance

Many homeowners prefer electric fireplaces over others because of the little maintenance they require. The only thing you’ll be tasked with is cleaning the front glass of your fireplace every once in a while. This is a huge difference when compared to the complex work that a wood-burning fireplace requires.

  1. Electric fireplaces are a cost-effective heating solution

Have you ever wished you had a second heating source on those frigid winter days? When the weather is too cold to handle or one of the rooms in your home just doesn’t seem to get warm enough, an electric fireplace can give you that extra burst of heat at a low cost.

Ready to Install an Electric Fireplace in Your Home?

While there are many benefits to each type of fireplace, electric fireplaces are perfect for those who are on a budget, have limited space, or need something convenient. If the benefits above have convinced you to look into an electric fireplace for your home, allow us to save you from searching “electric fireplaces near me” and introduce you to Hometown Hearth!

For nearly 30 years, Hometown Hearth has been providing residents in the Greater Philadelphia area with high-quality electric fireplaces. We are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional customer service and hearth products. When you’re ready for your electric fireplace installation, contact the experts at Hometown Hearth!