Electric Fireplaces

For nearly 30 years, Hometown Hearth has presented our customers with the highest quality hearth and chimney products, installation, and repair and restoration services in the Greater Philadelphia area. We also pride ourselves on our superior client experiences from beginning to end. From our humble beginnings as a mason’s helper back in 1968, our passion for both masonry and thermodynamics has transformed into a thriving chimney service company. Because of our extensive background in masonry chimney construction, this unique expertise sets us apart from other hearth companies. Whether you’re looking for a new fireplace built from scratch or choose to restore an existing fireplace or chimney, know the Hometown Hearth team can handle any hearth job! We love the challenge of troubleshooting chimney problems and always enjoy reconstructing masonry chimneys.

Benefits of Hometown Hearth Electric Fireplaces

Today’s electric fireplaces are modern, realistic, and deliver the natural glow and warmth of a traditional wood or gas fireplace. Some of the benefits of choosing an electric fireplace for your home include:

Easy Installation

One of the main advantages of an electric fireplace is how easy it is to install! Electric fireplaces don’t require venting, exterior vent caps, or gas lines, so you don’t need a professional to install them.

Bring Nature Indoors

When you think of a fire, many people
visualize being outside cozy by a campfire.
When you choose to have an electric
fireplace installed in your home,
you can bring nature indoors!

Controllable Heat

With controllable heat,
enjoy your electric fireplace
year-round! Easily turn your
fireplace on or off,
depending on the season.