Wood Fireplaces

As the days get colder, there’s nothing better than snuggling up by a warm and cozy fire! You can make that a reality when you choose to have a wood fireplace or wood-burning stove installed in your home or office! A wood fireplace is different from a gas or electric fireplace because it consists primarily of a firebox, flue, and chimney. It’s a great option for someone looking to build a fire in the comfort of their own home. If you’re ready to bring nature indoors, the team at Hometown Hearth is here to share the many benefits of adding a wood fireplace to your space.

Benefits of Wood Fireplaces

A wood fireplace is an asset to any home or office. Not only do they add heat, but they also add architectural design and style to any room. If you’re looking to add a fireplace to your space, check out the benefits of a wood fireplace below.

Lower Energy Bill

During the cold winter
months, instead of heating
your home with electricity,
you can burn logs on
your wood fireplace
for warmth!

Heat During an Outage

Have you ever experienced a power outage during the winter? It can get cold. When you choose to install a wood fireplace, you won’t have to worry about the heat not coming on. Enjoy a warm fire without the use of gas or electricity.

Boost Home Value

If you’re looking to sell
your home, adding a wood
fireplace can help drive
up the value. One study found
that a fireplace increased the
value of a home by over $1,000!