Fireplace Installations in Montgomery County

If you are located in Montgomery County and interested in a fireplace installation, look no further because Hometown Hearth has got you covered. With over 30 years of experience, our fireplace contractors can help you with any of your fireplace needs, whether it be an installation, repair, or restoration. Learn more about gas fireplaces on our website!

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are a great option for those looking to add style and functionality to their homes as well as save money on their energy bill. A gas fireplace installed by Hometown Hearth makes a great addition to any home or office. There is nothing more enjoyable than cozying up next to a warm fireplace when temperatures drop. We will discuss the benefits of adding a gas fireplace to your home or office below.

Continuous Heating 

Gas fireplaces are an excellent choice for your home or business because they are very low maintenance. Gas fireplaces produce continuous heat and do not require constant attention like traditional fireplaces that need logs and wood refilled. Gas fireplaces also are controlled with a thermostat so you can control the temperature and flame size very easily.

Energy Efficiency

This is one of the most beneficial aspects of a gas fireplace. You can easily adjust the amount of gas being used with the thermostat control. This can help you save up to 25% on your energy bill.

User-Friendly, Easy Operation

Many gas fireplaces come with remote controls. This allows for the user to easily turn it on or off. It is as easy as clicking a button to instantly heat your home or office! The remote control will allow you to manage your temperature and the flame size. This makes it a very convenient option for those looking to install a new fireplace. There is also no chopping or hauling of heavy wooden logs with a gas fireplace, which saves you both time and energy. Gas fireplaces also do not require any cleaning because there are no ashes to sweep up or a chimney that will need to be cleaned to prevent buildup.


Along with all the other mentioned benefits, another advantage is its safety. With a gas fireplace, there are no fly-away sparks or flames. This can be especially important for those with small children or pets. There is also no chopping of wood which can be a dangerous activity and lead to potentially serious injuries.

Increased Home Value

The value of your home or office can be tremendously increased with the addition of a gas fireplace. It is a great investment to add. Our expert fireplace contractors can design a gas fireplace that will best fit your needs and preferences that will make your home or office look even more stylish. This can be beneficial when you are looking to sell because it will help increase its market value and maybe even help you sell faster.

Why Choose Hometown Hearth for Your Fireplace Installation in Montgomery County?

Since 1991, Hometown Hearth has been providing exceptional services for its customers. Our team of experienced fireplace contractors is ready to help you with whatever your fireplace needs are. If you are interested in adding a gas fireplace to your home or business, you can receive a free estimate on our website in less than 5 minutes. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have by calling us at 610-833-1034. We look forward to installing your gas fireplace!